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IELTS Reading Identifying Information


The Zoom desktop client on Mac and Windows supports the following USB devices, allowing call function buttons on these devices to sync with Zoom. For example, if you mute or unmute using a button on your audio device, the Zoom client will show your mic is muted or unmuted


  • Supported USB audio devices on Windows is not limited to this list. Generally, the Zoom desktop client on Windows supports buttons for devices made by these manufacturers: Aver, Crestron, Jabra, Logitech, Plantronics, Polycom, Shure, Yamaha, and Yealink.
  • Zoom Phone does not support answer/disconnect buttons on supported headsets. Only mute and volume buttons are supported.
  • To determine support on Linux, visit the manufacturers’ product pages using the links below. You can also visit the support site of your Linux distribution.
  • If you’re using Zoom Rooms, see our suggested hardware for Zoom Rooms.
  • Models labelled with an asterisk (*) are not supported on Mac.
  • Models labelled with Bluetooth can also be used with the Zoom Mobile App.