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Purely tabular the Borussia from Dortmund.

Purely tabular the Borussia from Dortmund.

The factory club itself has no legal means, since only the player and not the club were part of the proceedings. Source: ntv.de, ara / sid “In Munich you can shower again, against Bremen there is a new Bundesliga start record for Munich – says Bremen. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Werder Bremen goes free into the game against FC Bayern. Even a 12-0 defeat doesn’t change anything on the Weser. HSV provokes its ex-talents and does in Cologne the billy goat is chic for the Champions League and can put the next barrel of wheat beer in the cold.

After winning the championship early, the Bundesliga started record late on Saturday afternoon. Nine games, nine wins – that has never happened before. Why are we so sure about that? Well, opponent Werder Bremen surrendered before kick-off and expressed full confidence in coach Viktor Skripnik even with a 0:12 clap (which, by the way, would be the setting of the highest Bundesliga victory). Thomas Eichin calls this realism in “Kicker”, by the way, in words it means: “We are not calculating any points in the home game against Bayern.” The issue of dots is already a sensitive issue on the Weser at the moment.

Because since matchday four, the account has stagnated at seven points. At that time that meant a strong sixth place with an upward tendency, the games against the two promoted players were on the agenda. With four clear rounds in a row with just one goal, Werder is now in the acutely relegation-threatening table region. The fact that with Aron Johannsson, whose nerves are irritated in the hip, the last Bremen goalscorer is canceled, does not necessarily improve the mood in Bremen. Incidentally, Bavaria’s record in the last three guest games at the Weser is: 9 points, 13-0 goals. Purely tabular the Borussia from Dortmund.

In order to remain the number one pursuer after the 1: 5 rubdown in Munich, Dortmund would need a threesome after three league games without a win. When Thomas Tuchel’s return to Mainz is more explosive than garlanded, BVB dreams of two resurrections: that of Tuchel’s monsters of results, who inspired the republic in the first eleven competitive games of the season. And that of Marco Reus – if Tuchel finally uses him properly. “Reus von der Rolle”, this headline would have appeared regularly recently, also in the case of the DFB-Elf’s Georgia cramp.

The “kicker” now asks a whole page of the specialist journal: “Reus in the wrong role?” And then shoot sharp with statistics. Result: Reus recorded 79 percent (45 goals, 33 assists) of his 57 goals and 42 assists for BVB when he was allowed to play on the left or in the middle in the starting eleven. If he was initially on the right, like under Tuchel this season, his effectiveness dropped significantly. Reus does not feel really comfortable at Tuchel-BVB yet, that cannot be overlooked.https://123helpme.me/biology-essay-writing-service/ Because he’s playing wrong? “Theoretical discussion” is the opinion of BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke on this topic and assures: “Marco will be back, I’m not worried at all.” Statistically, the “kicker” has also determined that the chances for this against Mainz are excellent: Against any other club Reus won more often (8) and scored better (8 goals / 5 assists).

On which side he started in the games against FSV, however, is unknown. In the great shadow cast by the duel between Bayern and Dortmund on matchday eight, a heroic deed went under: 1. FC Köln, Schalke’s hopes for a victory record pulverized with a 3-0 – in Gelsenkirchen. A causal connection to current reports, according to which Schalke’s sports director Horst Heldt will lose his post in the summer of 2016, would of course be badly constructed. But the fact is that Peter Stöger’s squad is currently number one in the Rhineland and is only outside of the Champions League ranks because of the worse goal difference. But if you consider that FC have been unbeaten in 14 home games and will next receive Hannover 96 with permanent wobbly coach Michael Frontzeck, the carnival season could start on Sunday at 5:20 p.m. – if at best the jump to third place succeeds. Then billy goat Hennes will certainly have measures taken for the Champions League outfit, but Schalke would have to be modest against Hertha BSC in their own stadium with a maximum of one point – which is again quite realistic.

Schalke scored splendidly this season despite often moderate performances up to the Cologne swatter. But Hertha is, surprise!, Currently fourth in the table and is only two points behind the third-placed Schalke. A point in Gelsenkirchen is definitely possible, a victory for Berlin coach Pal Dardai is not excluded. “Last year we didn’t make it against teams of great quality.

Now we want to do that, “said the Hungarian and announced briskly:” We will play with a double top. “” Win or fly! “That sounds explosive, doesn’t it? But the innovation that André Schubert is working on in Gladbach is even more explosive For him, the following could soon apply: win and fly.

September took over the still warm coaching chair of the piled up Lucien Favre, the previously pointless Borussia celebrated three successes in a row. Manager Max Eberl is still looking for a new head coach, Schubert is still officially considered an interim solution. However, not much is happening on the coaching front, as the last candidate there was speculation about ex-Bochum coach Marcel Koller – but that was a week ago.

Borussia’s next opponent is Eintracht Frankfurt – or should we say: next Schubert victim? They no longer love him in Hamburg: Hakan Calhanoglu. (Photo: imago / mika) “Come home!” – so the Hamburger SV threatens in the direction of its Rhenish branch in Leverkusen. Since 2010, five top talents have packed their duffel bags on the Elbe and hired on the Rhine. While Sidney Sam (FC Schalke 04), Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur) and Levan Öztunali (on loan to Werder Bremen) are no longer playing for Bayer, Hakan Calhanoglu and Jonathan Tah have a regular place in the team of coach Roger Schmidt Developed.

And Calhanoglu in particular is wonderful for Judas in Hamburg. After his almost forced departure in the summer of 2014, the free-kick artist dashed past FC St. Pauli at record speed and is now at the top of the list of the unloved. In Leverkusen, on the other hand, they have little left for this hostility, the lack of understanding is based on their own Samaritanism. Because Bayer did not ship the talents to the Rhine in a night and fog campaign, but transferred a whopping 34 million euros to the Elbe.

Money that the clammy club could use more than well over the past five years. And to summarize the whole thing in his sentence, let’s let Bayer’s ex-manager Reiner Calmund speak, who analyzes tough: “This is not a normal game. There is explosive in it.” Incidentally, that does not apply to the Augsburg home game against the SV Darmstadt. In Darmstadt they are totally happy that even after eight match days they are still completely carefree through the midfield of the league. And the Augsburgers are somehow not dissatisfied, despite relegation rank 16.

This is how captain Paul Verhaegh recognized: “We are doing a lot right.” But: “We are missing the effectiveness at the front” and “We have too few points.” At least for the last two insights we can say: That’s right! And … they even go one step further, namely applying Verhaegh’s teachings to Stuttgart, the bottom of the table. So far this season, VfB has stood for maximum spectacle right up to the gate, but there the Swabians suffer from the same infection as the world championship eleven. Suddenly the round no longer wants to be square.

Alexander Zorniger’s team has the next chance of recovery on Sunday evening at the end of the game day against Ingolstadt. And they are really happy to be able to travel again. Because, watch out, the team of coach Ralph Hasenhüttl is the MOST SUCCESSFUL away team in the Bundesliga, the newcomer has collected ten points in four guest appearances so far. If points are added in Stuttgart, things are slowly getting tight for Zorniger. Maybe Markus Gisdol?

Or maybe not. The trainer probably doesn’t really know that himself. This is the only way to interpret his analysis of the current Hoffenheim situation. After five points from the last three games, he says: “If that had been the first three games, everyone would say: a good start.” But it was game days six, seven and eight. And that’s why Gisdol now says: “There were five games before, that’s a bit stupid.” Confused situation.

A little more clarity about the stability of his coaching chair could, for example, bring a victory in the wolves, which are panting after the top. They have now slipped to ninth place and are still struggling for fresh air after the 1: 5 clap at Bayern and the VW emissions scandal. Gisdol registered this, but describes the situation very submissively: “Things are certainly not going well in Wolfsburg either.” In order to become even more submissive when it comes to the goals: “It would be nice if we could take a point with us.” “Lederhose, I have everything with me. I won’t be there in a tracksuit, I’ll wear a nice outfit.

Let yourself be surprised. “Stefan Effenberg is looking forward to an all-round great coaching debut at SC Paderborn 07 – in the, correct, 2nd league. Source: ntv.de” “The ECJ strengthens the rights of the EU member states. (Photo: REUTERS) The European Court of Justice strengthens the national parliaments with a ruling. If the EU Commission wants to conclude free trade agreements, the EU member states have a right of veto. The European Union may not conclude trade agreements without the consent of the member states. In particular, the often controversial regulations on the settlement of Disputes between investors and individual states must be approved by the individual EU states, as the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg emphasized on an agreement with Singapore, putting the EU’s plans for a series of ambitious free trade agreements at a damper.

The ECJ stated that parts of the agreement with Singapore required the approval of the member states. That is why it cannot be concluded in its current form by the EU alone, which was signed by the EU Commission and Singapore in 2013. Almost all member states, including Germany, asked for a say. The Commission then asked the ECJ for a legal opinion on the responsibilities.

The judges’ opinion relates specifically to the free trade agreement negotiated with Singapore. The judgments of the Court of Justice also apply to all other agreements. The EU Commission fears that European trade policy could be paralyzed if not only the European Parliament but also parliaments in member states have to agree. In theory, a national parliament’s no would be enough to stop a free trade project. In the autumn, the EU’s trade agreement with Canada (Ceta) almost collapsed due to opposition from the Belgian region of Wallonia – which was an embarrassment for the EU internationally. Nevertheless, for political reasons, the governments of the member states want to keep their national parliaments open . Above all, you refer to the sharp criticism of large free trade projects such as Ceta or the plans for the US-European agreement TTIP.

They want to counter this with a stronger participation of the parliaments. The Luxembourg judges agreed with the assessment of Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston from December. This could mean that the ratification of trade agreements by all national parliaments instead of just by the member states in the EU Council and the EU Parliament may be necessary if the treaty covers as many areas as possible. For example, the EU is no longer solely responsible for so-called portfolio investments. Also in response to the protectionist tones of US President Donald Trump, the EU is aiming for the fastest and most comprehensive free trade agreements with Japan, Mexico and the Mercosur states.

After leaving the EU, Great Britain also wants to conclude as far-reaching a trade agreement as possible with the world’s largest single market. Opponents of free trade agreements welcomed the clarifications of the ECJ, but criticized that they came “much too late”. “If the EU had not been able to go it alone from the start, there would have been a much broader public debate about the agreement,” commented the consumer protection organization Foodwatch. The Federation of German Industries (BDI) called on politicians to finally put an end to the “conflict of competence” in European trade policy. “Years of stagnation in ratification are harmful. They unsettle companies and consumers,” commented the BDI. The EU representatives will now have to discuss the consequences of the ECJ decisions. Source: ntv.de, nsc / rts / AFP / dpa “Until recently, demonstrators had protested against the agreement in front of the parliament in Strasbourg. (Photo: imago / PanoramiC ) The European Parliament approves the Ceta free trade agreement between the EU and Canada. Large parts of the agreement can thus come into force – even if only temporarily. The European Parliament has approved the Ceta free trade agreement between the EU and Canada. 408 MPs voted for the highly controversial agreement .

254 voted no and 33 abstained. This means that large parts of the agreement – above all trade facilitation for both sides – can provisionally enter into force shortly. However, it will probably be years before all agreements apply, as the national parliaments of the EU states have to agree. There could be delays. In October, the resistance of the Belgian region of Wallonia against Ceta had almost brought the agreement to a standstill.

Before the vote, the MEPs had once again debated controversially. “Which direction are we going to take?” Asked the reporter Artis Pabriks. “Will we take the path of protectionism? Or will we fight for liberal and democratic values, for growth and a golden standard in international trade?” EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström tried to make opponents of the agreement fear of negative consequences for consumer protection and social issues – and take environmental standards. “Ceta will not change standards for food safety,” she said. “Nothing in it compels the water and health sectors to be privatized.” In front of the parliament building, which was cordoned off by the police, demonstrators protested against the agreement.

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