Entrepreneurship Fundamentals



In this course I will share with you key elements or practices that are very essential and fundamental to become an effective entrepreneur.

These are something that will help you to reduce your learning curve and increase your leadership and business abilities.

Below are the topics that I cover in this course:

  1. Building Networks
  2. Finding a Mentor
  3. Handling Distractions
  4. Active Learning vs Passive Learning
  5. Learning Deep or Broad?
  6. Health and Handling Stress
  7. Building a Master Mind Group
  8. How to journal for success
  9. Using shortcuts in business

The above are some of the most effective and result producing activities for any business owner. Time and again the research has shown that all top business owners and industry leaders practice the above fundamentals to the root.

I have limited this course to only 9 fundamentals because if I gave you too much the course will no longer be about fundamentals. These are the absolute musts of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Not only will these fundamentals make you a better leader but also they will improve your business performance in terms of sales, marketing and strategy.