English Grammar(Verb Tenses in Full Details)



In this course, you’re  going to learn about the 12 Verb Tenses” in English. Each video is a very detailed one. You’ll learn about the verb from of each tense. You will also learn how to use negative and questions in each tense. You will be able to use some keywords with each tense to sound more like a native speaker!

Moreover, you’ll learn about “Modal Verbs” and their different functions in English.

You will also find  fully detailed lessons about forming “Questions and Negative”.

You will learn how to use the “Passive Voice” to make your writing looks professional. I will teach you how to form the verb in the passive voice in a very easy way!

You will also learn about the “Gerunds and Infinitives” and their uses in English.

You will learn about phrasal verbs and how to use them to sound like a native English speaker!

Verb patterns will be explained to you in an easy way. You will know when to use (verb+ing) or (to+verb) after different verbs in English!