Body Therapist Counselling Diploma



Our powerful Professional Diploma course on Body Therapist Counselling focuses on body image and low confidence levels which impact a great many people in ways that are far-reaching. This course is designed for those who are interested in helping others to develop their inner confidence while overcoming any negative and damaging body image issues.

Becoming a professional therapist in this arena will enable clients to live a healthy, more positive life. With care and enthusiasm, it will be possible to help clients love who they are and to feel comfortable in their bodies, irrespective of weight and size. Confidence comes from within and so much of the focus of this course is on mindset and changing how the client thinks and feels, discovering the roots of the issue.

Within this course, we look the potential causes of low body image and the impact it has on life. We cover nutrition and emotional eating, self-esteem, exercise and the holistic methods which when utilised can change lives for the better. The course also covers negative and positive thinking patterns that impact belief systems.

This course is arranged in a series of modules and you will find self-assessment tasks at the end of each module and these should be completed as you progress through the course. By completing these tasks, they will help to boost your own sense of self enabling you to have a unique insight into the plight of others.